How does Estelle™-35ED help?

Your body produces female sex hormones called oestrogens. As part of the normal hormone production process your body also produces male sex hormones called androgens.

Androgens stimulate the growth of the skin. Androgens also stimulate the grease glands (sebaceous glands) to produce large amounts of sebum. It is the sebum that gives you greasy skin.

Sometimes your skin may be particularly sensitive to the effects of androgens, or if your ovaries produce excess androgens, the glands can produce excess sebum.

In this way, the glands can become blocked; they can get infected with a bacteria and up pops another pimple.

The hormones in your body can only act when they become attached to the right receptors in the right tissue. The hormone in Estelle™-35ED, cyproterone acetate - acts by sticking itself to the androgen receptors in the skin and blocking those receptors. This stops the androgens in your blood from stimulating the grease glands.

Within a few weeks your skin should not be as greasy and after three months your acne should have started to improve with fewer and fewer new spots appearing.

With Estelle™-35ED, some women find their skin clears completely and quite quickly. Others find it takes longer.

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