What causes Acne

Acne is not a superficial thing. Mostly it is caused by what is happening under the skin. No amount of washing will make it go away, in fact, over washing can aggravate acne.

Acne is triggered by over-activity in the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands. And at the same time, keratin, which is a protein in the lining of your pores, begins to form little lumps.

The build up of dead skin cells and sebum clogs the skin pores and forms a plug. This plug stops the excess sebum getting out. Bacteria then multiply and irritate the skin. That's when angry red, black or yellow pustules form.


Despite what you will read in many magazines, diet has never clearly been implicated in acne. There isn't a scientific reason for any particular diet although some women are convinced that a particular food aggravates their acne, and it is reasonable that they avoid the offending food.


Some cosmetics promote the formation of comedo(a blocked skin pore) through oils in the application. Some cosmetics may cause chemical irritation leading to inflamed papules and pustules. Using oil-free cosmetics or those labelled non-comedogenic is recommended.


Acne frequently improves in the hot summer months. It is shown that acne is improved by both visible and ultraviolet light. Sunshine and swimming in salt water seem anecdotally to be beneficial in many cases. But the use of an effective, oil-free sunscreen agent is important. However, in a small number of people, acne can be aggravated by the sun.


Stress is common in so many women's lives with the number of roles they have to fill. Many blame stress for an exacerbation of their acne. Acne itself is likely to be a significant cause of further stress, especially when a person tends to pick the lesions, making them appear worse.

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